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Core-competence & Certificates

Module 15 years of product warranty

About spanning tons of solar energy products (solar cell module) manual on the basis of proper installation, on the assumption that it is routine maintenance in normal use in the environment, due to the materials and plant quality defects of our compensation.

In addition, when the quality of solar cell components do not meet the standards, leap tons Energy Co., Ltd. for 15 years, maintenance, otherwise we will exchange.

※The housing system peripherals 15 years quality assurance 1 application is trained by ID who through mandatory construction of our certification.

※ 1 if we cling to our roof mounted spare bracket specification, will be a solar module, power regulator, frame of a group of 15 year product warranty. (in addition to cable monitor)

Module 25 years quality output

(10 years of age, the maximum output is within the scope of the protection of a large amount of output of 80% guarantees) within a period of 25 years

If the output in the solar cell module has been compared to the rated maximum output tolerance range decreased to the lowest permissible value, or in more than 10 years has been 10%, if in 25 years reduced by more than 20%, in addition to the solar cell module, repair or replace what you do.

It is certified by the German technical testing and certification authority.
as a marker to demonstrate the safety and quality of the world class level.
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High temperature, high humidity, is the removal of 96 hours of endurance test under high voltage harsh environment, is a certification mark, proof of the quality of solar modules.
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Compliance with the certification test criteria by the third party JET (general fund electrical safety and Environmental Research Institute) has been confirmed.
in addition to the performance, quality and safety of self confirmation, such as manufacturers, by receiving the test standard and the quality management system through the confirmation of JET adaptation, its compatibility is objective, and has proved reasonable.
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Salt spray certification
To remove the 96 hour Intertek Sen salt fog corrosion test, under highly corrosive environment, such as the coastal areas have shown that there may be for a long time.
in addition to salt damage area.
(it can be installed to more than 500 meters or more remote areas of the coastline)
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The company is Kemitokkusu certification authority, and in Japan, the company solar cell module 600 DEG C temperature, humidity 85%, 96 hours of testing conditions of inheritance under the 1000V, we have proved that it is resistant to the old P-.
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Insurance certificate
[Product liability insurance]
CHUBB Insurance
This insurance, injury or illness is made by the solar cell module of death caused by the insured, compared to a loss or damage to property, it will be in the insurance period, insurance within the scope of compensation。
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[Product quality insurance]
CHUBB Insurance
And customers from the sale of 10 years, the insurance is the insurance output module, above rated maximum output and data described in Burke's 90% piece case, we will ensure the maintenance and replacement of modules.
And customer marketing, since 25 years, the output of this insurance refers to the insured module, and in the data sheet described in the following cases: rated maximum output of 80%, we will ensure that the module maintenance and replacement.
And customers within two years from the date of shipment, we will ensure that these insurance is the material and product level is normal.
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[Product liability insurance]
Mitsui Sumitomo marine and fire insurance
In addition to solar cell modules, we will also respond to the risks of our products sold。
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