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Residential Cases
8.1kw, Qingpu, Shanghai
7.02kw, Qingpu, Shanghai
9.72kw, Pudong, Shanghai
7.56kw, Pudong, Shanghai
4.86kw, Songjiang, Shanghai
5.4kw, Minhang, Shanghai
4.86kw, Jiading, Shanghai
5.13kw, Jiading, Shanghai
9.45kw, Baoshan, Shanghai
10kw, Pudong, Shanghai
5kw, Pudong, Shanghai
8.5kw, Pudong, Shanghai
3kw, Minhang, Shanghai
8.1kw, Minhang, Shanghai
7kw, Minhang, Shanghai
5kw, Jiading, Shanghai
2.86kw, Jiading, Shanghai
5kw, Baoshan, Shanghai
5.25kw, Baoshan, Shanghai
3.75kw, Baoshan, Shanghai