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Leapton Solar (Changshu) Co.,Ltd
Zip code:215500
Sales Manager Tel: 86-512-88800068-815 Tony Shi
Email: info@leaptonenergy.com
ADDRESS: No.55,Sunshine Avenue,Changshu City,Jiangsu,China
Hotline Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-17:00
Ukraine Agent
Company:Solar Invest Group
Add:50036 Dnipropetrovsk region, Kryvyi Rih,
Volodymyra Velykogo str. building 14a., Ukraine
Phone:+38 050 458 48 38
Online Message
Dear Customer: Welcome to Leapton Solar's online service platform, you can consult online in this column on all kinds of questions about us. After submiting questions, please continue to pay attention to this column. You can also call 400-008-2915 to find the answers.
! Thank you for your support!