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Europe to be the hot market again - Intersolar Europe was successfully held.

 Intersolar Europe just ended and Leapton Solar achieved a big success to host over 300 customers based over 14 countries. The most question of customer was of European Union lifting the five-year ban on Chinese solar products imports which has once again opened the market for Chinese manufacturer again. Europe market once again to be the most popular market and most of Chinese company wants to have a place in it.


Europe extended the arm and in turn Chinese companies to start a new round war ie: Low Price. Under the same price terms, who will be the winner? Developed countries like to pay attention to the quality more than the price, which is different as developing countries. It seems we can talk the other topic which is “International reputation”, who can get the trust and confidence for foreign customer to buy your product which considers mainly in the quality and after sales service.


Leapton Solar slogan is “Leap from Japan to the world” which means we represent the “Quality” and “Reputation” as Japanese. Our company originated in Japan with the spirit of quality, carefulness and also to successfully accomplish the mission. And for the other hand, our factory based in China which means we can control the cost and price to be more competitive. Combine the advantage of both sides, we can provide the perfect products to all.