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Leapton Solar donated 600,000 RMB as subsidies for students for Tianqiu primary school

On Nov 15th, 2018, Leapton Solar members went to Tianqiu primary school in Sinan country, Guizhou province, where they attended fellowship ceremony with 12 Changshu teachers. Over 100 students got subsidy on this activity.


Leapton Solar knew the situation about Tianqiu Primary school from Changshu government, and wanted to lend the hand to help them, which reflect the Chinese nation of “When one party is in trouble, help comes from all quarters”. We will donate students who is excellent in study but come from poor family background for 6 years till their graduation, and over 600,000 RMB.


On the ceremony, Leapton Solar CEO Mr. Chou introduced in detail the significance of the donation, the corporate culture and the basic information of the donation plan. Together with the youth league committee, the company unveiled a name plate of Leapton Solar donation and gave the 100,000 Yuan to poor students at the same time. Mr. Zhou has conducted in-depth communication with the students on the study situation and family background, and encouraged them to care for their ambition, keep fit, study hard and try to repay the society with the best achievements.