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Leapton Solar subsidiaries obtained National High-Tech Enterprise

 After continuous efforts of innovation and new technology research, according to the relevant provisions of measures for the administration of the recognition of hi-tech enterprises, Leapton Solar subsidiaries "Leapton Solar (Changshu) Co., Ltd." and "Leapton Metal (Suzhou) Co., Ltd." obtained National high-tech enterprise.

The new and high technology enterprise certification marks the organization and management level of Leapton Solar, the ability to transform scientific research results, independent R&D of products have been recognized, walk in the forefront of the domestic counterparts. High-tech enterprise certification for the company will enhance the status of the industry, establish brand image and promote business growth which will bring huge potential role.

The recognition of high-tech enterprise is a kind of incentive and guidance for the company, which enables us to adjust the industrial structure and management concept and level under more preferential policies, and focus more on the cultivation and development of innovation. Our company will focus on cultivating a group of teams with core and key technologies and independent intellectual property awareness and ability to improve the level of enterprise research and development, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and competitiveness. Improve the enterprise market value, promote the company's rapid and steady development.