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New products were presented at PV EXPO 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

PV EXPO TOKYO, as the largest international PV exhibition in Japan, has been held since last twelve years. The exhibition has been successfully held from February 27 to March 2, 2019. Leapton Solar displayed its brand and products at booth E2-18 this time.

It is the first time for Leapton Solar to launch the high-efficiency "Half-piece PV module" series. The R&D for this module is done by Leapton Solar, where the structure is designed with a junction box of tripartite structure, and the maximum power can reach 400W. At present, the relevant certification application has been submitted and entered the test stage. According to the progress, it is expected to launch and mass production before June.



  Meanwhile, Leapton Solar also developed the PV mounting products series named "MGASI", which are common rail type aluminum mounting systems, it was also exhibited this time. Compared with normal products, new one can reduce the investment cost and are suitable for open ground. At present, the product is on sale in Japan and can be scheduled for production.