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Leapton Solar expanded its capacity to 500MW, new production line for half-cell modules.

 "With the increasing pressure on the power plant investors to connect to the Internet at a fair price, they have higher demand for higher cost kWh. Under the premise of efficient cost reduction, products that do not add too much extra cost but effectively increase the output power are undoubtedly the best solution. At present, "half-cell" technology has been applied on a large scale, and more and more customers begin to choose half-cell module, or even double-sided half-cell module. According to ITRPV market analysis, in the next few years, there will be a certain release of half-cell module, which will be expanded by about 5%.

What are the advantages and characteristics of half – cell module?

Compared with traditional modules, the half-cell modules are mainly seen in three aspects. Because the internal circuit and internal consumption are reduced, the packaging efficiency is improved. The working temperature of the module is reduced, the probability of hot spot is greatly reduced, and the reliability and safety of the modules are improved. In terms of shadow shading due to its unique design, it has better anti-shading performance than conventional modules.

The additional cost in manufacturing is modest, but a half-cell module can be 5 to 10 watts (2% to 4%) better than its equivalent, or even more. With the continuous decrease of module price, the overall system cost of the half-cell module is reduced, so the cost performance is higher, and more customers are willing to switch to the half- cell module.

From the beginning of 2019, Leapton Solar has started the design and production of the half- cell module products. In the trial phase, the maximum power of the mono half- cell module 72pcs will be 390W, and the maximum power of the poly half- cell module 72pcs will be 350W. It is expected that the power will be further improved in the fourth quarter, reaching 405W for 72pcs mono half-cell module, with 20.4% efficiency, and 360W for 72pcs poly modules. The data is also substantial and competitive compared to the products of other module companies.


In terms of price, Production Director of Leapton Solar said: "the latest introduction of still use a fully automated assembly line production equipment, less human intervention, the power, efficiency, and product qualified rate is more controllable, also on cost will not increase more than conventional components, very competitive."

Leapton Solar has adjusted the plant planning, and originally planned to expand production to 1GW in 2020. Now it has gradually accelerated the whole pace. At present, the production capacity has been expanded to 500MW, and two new assembly lines have been added for the production of half-cell module. The production equipment is being debugged recently, and the new product is expected to be launched in June.