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"Growth" – Leapton solar (Changshu) Co.,Ltd. 2020 Annual Party

Spring is coming and all things on earth are beginning to change. In the twinkling of eye, a prosperous 2019 has passed and the New Year 2020 arrived. New Year brings new goals and hopes.

In 2019, we achieved our goal and reached our milestone successfully and started a new chapter. We thank all our colleagues for their support, trust and encouragement. On 11th January 2020, Leapton Group held a grand annual party to welcome the New Year.

We focus on "Growth" as the theme - growth is a symbol of status and represents hope.

In 2012, we started the journey and grew. Time flies, today Leapton Group is thriving like a sunny flower.

Review 2019

After announcing opening of the annual party, Mr. Du, the deputy general manager of Leapton Solar (Changshu) Co., Ltd. led whole team, reviewing the year 2019. In 2019, our sales performance has improved rapidly, increased by more than 50% compared with that of 2018. The layoff rate of employees has been greatly reduced and happiness of employees has been improved.  

2019 was an extraordinary year, within this year, we achieved a lot including the title of High-Tech EnterprisesSmart workshop award by Suzhou city authorities, delivery of a single project of 21.7 MW, 45MW shipments in September month, launched the second warehouse of 8,730 square meters, introduced a full automatic production line, continued to fund 100 poor students in Guizhou, etc. In 2019 grew step by step, towards a higher starting point.

Outlook 2020

Mr. Tony, the General Manager of Leapton Solar (Changshu) Co., Ltd. led us to expect a more promising 2020. In 2020, our workshop 1 would be renovated and transformed into a fully automated line, capable of producing 9BB half cell solar modules. Mr. Tony also encouraged the advanced and commended the excellent. 


Reward excellent employees

Leapton Group gives a lot of importance to the development of its team, actively reserves talents, encourages outstanding employees and creates a broad employment environment for the employees. Thirty-three employees, including production line workers and excellent salesmen, were recognized and awarded awards. Leapton  is proud to have such employees.


The talent show was brilliant

This grand annual party was wonderful! The annual party not only brought laughter to everyone, but also let colleagues closer to each other's hearts. The friendly interaction between the company leaders and employees makes the singing, clapping and cheering always ripple in the party.

We promise to grow in Leapton and let us be fully prepared to welcome the new year!!