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Perfect combination of appearance and performance -- Leapton Solar 166 Series 9BB Full Black Modules

After mastering the production technology of 166 Series Module, Today Leapton Solar starts to mass produce 166 series 9BB Full Black Modules, model is LP166* 166-m-60-MH, size is 1765*1048*35mm, module power is 360W. Since then, the Leapton Solar 166 Series modules with white frame and white backsheet, black frame and white backsheet, black frame and black backsheet have all reached mass production!
The combination of 166*166mm high-power hale-cells and black-frame & black backsheet is one of the most beautiful and high-power all-black mono-crystal components in the industry so far. In addition to the significant increase in power generation, the full black design of the modules also meets the appearance requirements of residents' roof installation.The black backsheet, frame and more uniform black cells are integrated with the original color of the roof, which is very suitable for roof and architecture integration projects.