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Leapton Solar's first employee tour 2020 went off without a hitch

By 2020, companies around the world will be under threat from COVID-19. Leapton Soalr will be able to stay calm during the epidemic, ensure zero infection in factories, maintain close business contact with customers at home and abroad, keep orders in factories, and double the performance.In this context, the value of the team is particularly important. It is precisely the right decision of the leader and the strong team execution ability that can realize the upstream in this epidemic.
As the outbreak in China's basic turn for the better, in order to give team members an opportunity to release the pressure, the company organized in 2020 for the first time, staff team building activities, because as far as possible to avoid going out long distance during outbreaks, companies choose to hire luxury hotel rooms, and provide rich meals, and entertainment equipment, designed to enrich employees amateur life, release the outbreak, work and life pressure, let employees closer relations between.