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Leapton Solar 287KW roof pv project in Jiangning District, Nanjing is connected to the grid

The project is located in No. 383, Pugang Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing city, with an installed capacity of 287KW. This project is installed horizontal, low voltage grid connection, uses 831PCS  Leapton Solar LP158*158-P-72-H 345W modules.
Distributed photovoltaic power station has been developed quickly worldwide due to its safety, reliability, construction flexibility, rapid response, short installation time, modularization and other characteristics, which can not only strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction, but also play an important role in the component emergency energy supply system. Emergency energy supply can control the power failure caused by natural disasters, infectious diseases and other explosive disasters effectively. Rapid mobile emergency power supply system and facilities have strategic urgency and great significance, they have stable and reliable power supply, high intensity power supply in a short period of time. They are suitable for residential, factory, hospital and other places.