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leapton solar 2020 annual summary meeting and outstanding recognition ceremony was successfully held

On the occasion of Chinese New Year, we held leapton solar's 2020 annual summary meeting and excellent recognition ceremony to thank leapton solar employees for their contributions to the company and to clarify the focus and goals for 2021. Due to the epidemic prevention and control policy, everything was kept simple, but the form was simplified without simplifying the content.



2020 Year in Review

The year 2020 was an unusual year with too many unsettling events, for the country, the nation and the people.

In this special year, Leapton Solar did not let up and delivered a satisfying 2020 while actively preventing and controlling the epidemic.


Outlook for 2021

In 2021, leapton solar's production capacity will exceed 1GW. 182 modules have already been mass produced, and the development and production of 210 modules are expected to be on the agenda in the fourth quarter. 2021 module sales are targeted to move towards 800MW.


Outstanding Commendation

A total of 38 employees were recognized for their contributions to leapton solar this year. The employees who didn't win the award are also excellent, I hope we can continue to work hard next year, we can definitely stand out!








General Manager Speech

Tony, General Manager of leapton solar, gave a New Year's message about the meaning of the leapton name.

The real meaning of leapton is to leap over. Since leapton

soalr has been established since 2017, some employees have gotten married and had children within the company, achieving an important stage in their lives. Some employees have made millions of dollars a year, bought houses and cars, and made the leap of life's wealth. As for Tony, from a small company employee step by step, he has now built a GW-class factory with more than 300 employees and realized the leap of life value. I hope everyone can realize their life leap in 2021, which is the meaning of leapton.




Employee Benefits

As the New Year approaches, red envelopes and gifts are essential. leapton solar has prepared a great gift for each employee to wish them a happy new year! This year, due to COVID-19, many people were unable to go back to their families, which was a sacrifice they made to keep the COVID-19 epidemic from spreading.