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leapton solar 210mm series PV modules receive ammonia, salt spray, PID certificates

Today, TUV North issued 210mm PV module ammonia, salt spray and PID certificates for leapton solar.

Ammonia test:http://www.leaptonpv.com/d/file/English/download/tyndczlxz/2021-10-26/4631d6fd7980c8036ff0f429b61661bb.pdf

Salt spray test:http://www.leaptonpv.com/d/file/English/download/tyndczlxz/2021-10-26/e1e48de4c6ee40b3449b36f57f3e5d87.pdf

PID test:http://www.leaptonpv.com/d/file/English/download/tyndczlxz/2021-10-26/dd2f2dd9a503225c494c449a7199d0dd.pdf


With a maximum power of 670W and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 21.57%, the high power 210 modules reduce the BOS cost by 6.1% and the LCOE cost by 3.5% for ground/rooftop PV power plant projects, making them the best choice for building large-scale PV power plants.

leapton solar 210mm modules have already obtained several North German certifications as well as Brazil Inmtro certification, has two 210 module production lines, and is now in full mass production. leapton solar currently has a total annual capacity of 1.5GW, of which the 210 module capacity is about 800MW.