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Greece Moves to Help Renewable Energy Investors AmidCoronavirus

 In order to mitigate the adverse effects on investors in renewable energy sector in the current environment, Greece is extending deadlines for projects by as many as six months, Energy Ministry says in emailed statement.

Projects with original deadline of end-June extended by six months, extended by four months when original deadline was end-Dec
Extensions cover licensing, submission of letters of guarantee, implementation of projects, reference prices also maintained
State’s emergency measures to deal with the coronavirus epidemic have led many renewable energy development and construction companies to suspend their projects for reasons including failure to procure materials and withdrawal of foreign technicians
Entities involved in the production, transportation, supply and distribution or supply of liquefied and gaseous fuels, as well as in the production, supply, distribution, transmission of electricity and gas, can now obtain with special permission supply materials or spare parts necessary for their operations from companies that were shut down as part of measures to combat spread of coronavirus