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PV Chain Price Gains Will Start To Reduce In Q4

The price trend determined by supply and demand is bound to adjust dynamically with the changes in the market. First, the supply of polysilicon will gradually increase from September. With the easing of the epidemic in Xinjiang, China, and the successive resumption of production by polysilicon mills, polysilicon supply will be enhanced on a larger scale.

From the supply point of view, polysilicon has no incentive to sustain price increases. But it should also be stressed that, compared to wafers, cells and modules, polysilicon capacity planning is the most shortage of links, even if the supply of each increase, but relatively speaking, the silicon material will still be in a slightly tight state, which led to the price of silicon is difficult to fall to $ 11.7 / kg below.

Secondly, from the supply and demand point of view, the demand pressure in the global market will also change in September-October. From the Chinese situation, the central enterprises represented by the five big and four small mining will play out the final results at the end of September. On the one hand, China's central enterprises are still "obsessed" with the idea of connecting to the grid by the end of the year, or using the strategy of partial supply to procure some components before the end of the year to start work. On the other hand, for component enterprises, especially the weak global order support component enterprises, will inevitably loosen for central enterprises of large customers offer. So although the current game is still difficult, but the game will appear before the end of September, a clear result.