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Briefly Disscuss The Reasons Behind The Price Rise Of PV Galss

It is reported that the price of 3.2mm PV glass has rised to ¥43/㎡($6.5), the price of 2.0mm is ¥35/㎡($5.3), the price of 1050-1130mm plate of PV glass added ¥2/㎡($0.3), and the price of the galss more than 1130mm is discussed separately. That is to say, the price of glass for large-size should be at least ¥45/㎡($6.8). Compared with the lowest price in Q2, the glass price has doubled. We can imagine that in Q4, PV glass prices have the possibility of further increase, PV glass more and more profitable. At present, the profit of 3.2mm PV glass has exceeded 50%. 
This is obviously that the shortage of glass capacity is one reason for the price rise. Many PV module factories have expanded their production capacity. The production capacity construction cycle of the glass industry far exceeds the PV industry. China is the world's largest PV manufacturer, accounting for nearly 80 percent of the world's production capacity, and 90 percent of the world's photovoltaic glass production capacity.The number of new photovoltaic installations in the world has increased continuously from 17.5GW in 2010 to 115GW in 2019. The market size has increased  5.6 times, with an average annual growth rate of 23.3%.It will take 1.5-2 years to build the new glass production line, and The transition time of production capacity is about 3-4 months.The new PV module production line can be completed in only half a year.
Second, the factors affecting the price of PV glass are related to modules. In 2020, the application proportion of double-sided modules will increase and the market share will be close to 30%.
Third, the diversity of module sizes (not just the size, but the number and location of holes) adds to the difficulty of glass supply.The standardization of the size is the industry needs to solve together, but before the complete standardization, about the technical route, the size route of the dispute is also inevitable.