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Solar Cells Are Increasingly Made by Chinese Firms

 Solar Cells Are Increasingly Made by Chinese Firms

· Chinese companies supplied 83% of the world's cells in 2020
· Some Chinese cell makers ramped up production by over 80%

Solar cell manufacturing companies headquartered in mainland China have once again increased their market share, and now supply 83% of the global solar cell market.

South Korea-headquartered Hanwha Q-Cells, and Canada-based Canadian Solar, both of which have factories in China, made up another 11% of global production.

Many Chinese firms have established extensive capacity in Southeast Asian countries to diversify their production base and to supply the U.S. market without paying the highest import tariffs.

The market also consolidated in 2020, with the share of the top 10 cell manufacturers increasing from 60% to 68%. Module makers, particularly those of medium- and smaller-size, outsourced production to specialized firms such as Tongwei and Aiko Solar, rather than relying on internal production, which had higher costs than buying cells on the spot market.