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Leapton Energy – the world’s leader of PV module manufacturer from Japan. Only produce quality trusted Tier-1 solar modules. Leapton Energy products are now available in more than 40 countries and regions. Since over 9 years of solar energy experience, Leapton Energy has built a deep subject matter expertise in solar module manufacturing.

Leapton Energy with high quality solar modules for 15 years product warranty, 25 years power warranty for standard module, 30 years power warranty for bifacial module. Our experienced photovoltaic technology and sales team can provide the most suitable modules for each solar system.

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Leapton Energy high-efficiency modules are installed in ground-mounted power plants, and in residential, commercial and industrial rooftop PV systems in over 35 countries and regions.


Since Leapton Energy established in 2012, we always been in strong and fast development. It only took us two years from setting up a PV module factory to becoming a Tier-1 supplier. Every year we have a variety of events around the world. Here we are recording our every progress.