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Leapton statement on force labour

Dear Madam/Sir,

Leapton Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Leapton”) is a company dedicated in manufacturing and supplying solar modules and building & operating the solar projects globally. Our headquarters is in Kobe, Japan and Branch EPC company is in Tokyo, Japan. Our 2GW solar module factory is in Jiangshu, China.

We are committed to adhering to a Code Conduct in all locations we conduct business. This means we strive to comply with applicable laws in the countries where we operate.

All the workers within Leapton have signed the employment contract at his/her own will without any coercion and such labor relationship is fully protected by the applicable laws and meets the human rights standards as universally adopted. We establish an effective procedure to ensure that any worker, acting individually or with other workers, can submit a grievance without suffering a prejudice or retaliation of any kind.

Leapton periodically reviews risks in relation to modern slavery and has diligently followed up the supplier’s compliance. We urge or demand our partners to take the necessary measures to achieve this. Based on our internal check and external tracking, we have identified that there is no sign or proof of our involvement of forced labors whether directly or indirectly.

Leapton has a long standing commitment to basic human rights and actively supports efforts to prevent forced labor. We have always and will always comply with legislation and regulations and we look forward to working with our employees, affiliates, suppliers and customers to ensure the PV Industry fully respects and protects human rights.

Leapton has published guidance to staff in relation to raising concerns regarding business ethics and whistleblowing and commits to addressing these effectively. Policies relating to sustainable procurement and modern slavery are also available to all staff.

This statement is approved by the board of Leapton. The content of this statement has also been shared with other relevant internal stakeholders.

For questions or concerns about this Code, including its application to specific circumstances in connection with your performance of work for Leapton or with Leapton, or suspected failures by Leapton to satisfy these expectations, please contact Leapton via email at or

Yours sincerely,

Form Leapton Energy Co., Ltd.

Date: 03.2022