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Leapton Energy aims to reduce the world's carbon emissions and effectively alleviate the energy crisis through its own efforts.

Leapton Energy is committed to providing sustainable energy solution to build harmonious and clean living environment for mankind.

  • Leapton Energy sells 1GW of PV modules, can save the world about 1,082,892 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Leapton Energy sells 1GW of PV modules, are approximately equivalent to 55,263,000 trees of the world

  • Leapton Energy sells 1GW of PV modules, can generate 1,100,000,000 degrees in total


Since Leapton established,we are activating in CSR,As a renewable energy company we are not only taking action to against the climate change with reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also working on help poor children receive more education,now is the 4th year for Leapton ‘helping 100 students every year’ program.

Solidarity means strength. In recent days,As the COVID-19 epidemic spread around the world, Leapton Solar reached out to overseas partners and distributors, donating more than 8,000 surgical respirators to European countries including Italy, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Poland etd. this week. It demonstrates China's determination to face difficulties with other friendly countries

Leapton Energy has 500 employees around the world, and we treat each employee equally. On employee birthdays and statutory holidays, we prepare gifts for each employee. At the end of each year, we recognize nearly 100 employees for their contributions to Leapton Energy.