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Leapton energy 2.8 MW floating solar plant project finished

Time:2024-03-15 Source:Leapton Energy Views:831

Are you ready to witness Leapton Energy Co., Ltd. ’s floating solar farm?

With a capacity of an impressive 2.8 MW , The floating solar plant project is in Takamatsu shi(高松市), Kagawa ken(香川県), Japan,using Leapton Energy’s LP166*166-M72-455W solar modules.

Floating farms like this project allow us to maximize the use of sunlight in areas where land is a limited or expensive resource. 

In addition, the modular solution used in this project allows for flexibility and expandability, which is crucial for the rapid adaptation and implementation of solar technologies worldwide.

Let’s shape a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future with Leapton.