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Leapton Energy 's New Solar Module Product -- 182*210mm (210R) TOPCon series

Time:2024-06-04 Source:Leapton Energy Views:158


This series with three module type:

1. LP182*210-M-48-NH/NB 450W

Module size:1762*1134*30mm

Module efficiency: 22.52%


2. LP182*210-M-54-NH/NB 500W

Module size: 1961*1134*30mm

Module efficiency: 22.48%


3. LP182*210-M-66-NH/NB 620W

Module size: 2382*1134*30mm

Module efficiency: 22.95%

210R solar module is the latest revolutionary product of N-type TOPCon solar modules. By using rectangular cells, the module efficiency is maximized, and this product also has a very outstanding price advantage. Leapton has fully launched the promotion of the latest 210R products. Currently, all modules are produced with the most efficient cells, and the maximum power can reach 620W.

Black frame, full black, bifacial are all available.



Leapton Energy's rectangular technology application not only breaks through the general power limitation of 600W for medium-sized modules but also offers higher system value. Here is a summary of the technical information about Leapton Energy's new product:


1.     High Power Output:


For example, modules based on 210R cells inherit the advantage of 210 low open-circuit voltage, resulting in higher string power. In a typical 1500V ground station system design, each string can connect two additional modules, increasing string power by 13%.


2.     Optimized System Design:


Using 210R-66 medium-sized modules reduces the number of strings, total length, and quantity of tracking brackets by 13%, and decreases the number of modules, DC cables, and MC4 connectors by 5%-8%. This not only simplifies the system but also reduces installation and material costs.

The standard module size of 2382mm*1134mm achieves a container utilization rate of up to 98.5%, further lowering the BOS (Balance of System) cost for end-users.


3.     Advantages of Small-sized Modules:


The 48-piece small-sized modules based on 210R rectangular silicon wafers have dimensions of 1762mm*1134mm, with an area of 1.998 square meters. These modules not only meet the size and weight requirements stipulated by German building safety regulations but also have lower current and better inverter compatibility.


Leapton Energy's new rectangular technology modules, with their high efficiency and optimized system design, are providing high-value solutions for various application scenarios.