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Leapton Energy has got PEVL 2024 Top Performer

Time:2024-06-05 Source:Leapton Energy Views:134

Leapton Energy has earned 2024 PVEL (Photovoltaic Evolution Labs)  "Top Performer" recognition after rigorous testing.


This honor not only highlights Leapton Energy's excellence in photovoltaic module manufacturing, but also marks the company's continued leadership in quality control, product reliability and customer satisfaction. 

PVEL (Photovoltaic Evolution Labs) is the world's leading independent photovoltaic module reliability and performance testing laboratory. Every year, PVEL evaluates the reliability of photovoltaic modules through a series of rigorous tests, including Thermal Cycling, Damp Heat ,Mechanical Stress Sequence, Pan Performance,Hail Stress Sequence,Potential-induced degradation (PID) , Light-induced degradation (LID) and light-and-elevated temperature-induced degradation (LETID). These test standards are far higher than IEC certification requirements, such as the potential induced degradation test time, damp heat aging time and thermal cycle number are more than twice that of IEC testing. In addition, it also includes a comprehensive mechanical stress test (MSS) including static mechanical load and 1000 dynamic mechanical load cycles, 50 thermal cycles and 10 wet freeze cycles.

Leapton Energy's photovoltaic modules performed well, especially in key tests such as Damp Heat ; PID ; and PAN Performance. These excellent test results show that Leapton Energy's products can not only perform well under general conditions, but also maintain high performance and high reliability in extreme climate environments.

"PVEL's test results are a high recognition of Leapton Energy's product quality and reliability. We are very proud to be named as 2024 'Top Performer'," said Mr. Jeff, global sales director of Leapton . "This honor is the best affirmation of our team's unremitting efforts and pursuit of excellence. We will continue to be committed to the research and development and manufacture of high-performance photovoltaic modules to provide customers with the most reliable solar solutions."

In the future, Leapton Energy will continue to invest resources in product research and development and quality control, continuously improve the performance and reliability of photovoltaic modules, and work with global partners to jointly promote the sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry and contribute to global energy transformation.

Leapton Energy is committed to providing sustainable energy solution to build harmonious and clean living environment for mankind.